Guarantee Your Customers Buy More, Faster and at Any Price!

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Brian Tracy Influencing Customer Behavior

In this program you will learn the most powerful influencing strategies and techniques ever discovered in professional selling.
Not only sales people need this knowledge… but business people, managers, and job-seekers also need to have this critical information. In life we are constantly buying or selling something. Whether it’s a product, service or even ourselves–influencing others is a skill we cannot afford to live without.
Turn Prospects Into Customers
The more you know about how and why people make buying decisions…the faster and easier it will be for you to turn prospects into customers AND 1-time buyers into customers for life.

  • Easily convince people to see your point of view
  • Negotiate confidently with managers and executives for additional responsibility or raises
  • Build unshakable rapport with clients and business associates Radiate power at all times

Learn to Push Your Customers Hot Buttons

Why is it that people buy…or refuse to buy? And why is it that some people buy quickly…and some take forever to sign the dotted line?
For many years people have studied those two questions to uncover the right “hot buttons” to press that will trigger a buying decision.
Knowing these buttons mean the difference between success and failure… and wealth and poverty.

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